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How to Make Dubstep Music – Creating Your Own Tracks

So you want to learn the production techniques required when learning how to make dubstep music or your own.

Depending on the tools that you engage, the process can be complicated and time consuming, or it can be relatively easy. In order to make your own Dubstep songs, perhaps the most popular option to start with is a program called DUBturbo.

For intermediates to beginners, this is truly the most viable option as software to make dubstep music. Experienced producers will be able to utilize the great variety of sounds and samples that are supplied with the downloadable package.


  • Download Dubturbo from the official website of the software manufacturer
  • Get a version for Mac as well as the original PC windows version
  • Thousands of amazing sounds, samples and instruments included
  • Make Dubstep beats in minutes, not hours
  • Suitable for those with no or limited amounts of experience
  • NO equipment needed



Optional Equipment for Professional Producers

As mentioned above, with a program such as Dubturbo, as long as you have your computer and the software, there is not any additional hardware required to make your own dubstep songs. Especially with the built in keyboard drum machine feature.

Should you be seeking to compile a professional grade music studio, engaging a program such as Pro Tools (from $430.00) then you may want to consider:

Mixing Desk/Console: All Digital Audio Workstations have the capacity to mix (change levels/volumes) though the constant use of the mouse can become irritating and not to mentioned painful on the wrist, for hours on end. Opting for a Pro Tools package such as the LE with the small console is certainly a very viable option. However any decent DAW will have the capacity to connect with most mixers, which can be bought online second hand for great deals.

Monitor Speakers: In order to truly hear what you are creating, studio grade speakers are essential. However, headphone alone will do the job. (see below) There are the industry standard Yamaha NS-10, which are obsolete and perhaps the closes replacement being the HS-80M. It should be noted that these speakers don’t actually sound that good, it just so happened most engineers commenced to engage them, so there it became the benchmark for a good mix. Perhaps if you can make something sound good on the NS-10, then on decent speakers it will sound amazing. However, cheaper brands such as Behringer (yes, they are German) are great value.

Studio Headphones: If you have money to splurge on any other single piece of studio equipment, it should by all means be headphones or “cans”. Brands like Sennheiser, Shure and AKG all represent good value and cannot be overlooked for entry level and highest professional level options. The bottom end is honestly represented in good studio Cans, and is especially important with Dubstep.

Again, they don’t have to be big brand-name headphones, but they do need to be headphones.

Download DUBturbo, plugin your headphones and get started with producing your own Dubstep tracks now. Click the button above, to get the software now.

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Producing Dubstep Vocals

Music without vocals can be interesting but it requires a very dynamic arrangement in order to maintain public interest. Thus it is always a good idea to apply a “story” to the music, or as we refer to it in the industry, lyrics.

Your music will begin to take flight the moment you provide context to the song. Purely instrumental music is almost like interpretive dance, it is abstract in nature and is open to interpretation. When applying vocals to your mixes you will begin to create context within the music allowing the public to easily identify with your message. Yet even though you would like to add in vocals there are a few things you could do to make it even more dynamic and provide more contexts to the song.

It all starts with recording

When you record you need to be sure that you have the correct gear to capture the sound. By gear I mean you will need a microphone and an interface. But not just any microphone will do; the quality of the recording will enhance the listeners overall experience. For instance, if you would use a $4 dollar microphone from Wallmart the chances of you achieving decent quality are slim to none. Now, if you were to dish out roughly $100 USD you would be able to get your hands on a Condenser microphone which records in Stereo, meaning that there will be more body to your vocals which will simply sound better.

You always want to capture the purest sound before you start editing, because too much editing on vocal tracks can make it sound hollow or somewhat robotic. Of course at times within Dubstep you want to get some robotic vocals, but even then getting the best sound quality during pre-production will allow you to play around with the soundscape allowing you to achieve a more professional level.

Editing and location

Where you place the vocals in your track is very important. It is very difficult to place vocals that make sense within the Dubstep drop, and generally you will find that the vocals act as the lyrics part of the song as opposed to the chorus part. This of course is not written in stone but rather a guideline to help future and beginner producers. The vocals you’ll have to edit in one of your favorite Dubstep maker and you would like to add a bit of compression to it. Most programs have presets that are fairly decent and only require a bit of tweaking. Simply play around with the vocals and see if you can tweak it to fit your style and sound.


But what type of lyrics work for Dubstep? Any type will do, it just depends on what message you wish to convey throughout the song. Also, in many cases, electro music lyrics are much more poetic than traditional music. The reason being due to the nature of the music; electronic music is generally designed for clubs and raves which allow you to put in any message you wish while the people dance to your beats. Nobody really pays attention to what is said, which means that you have the freedom to say whatever you wish…even if it is gibberish.

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