If you are reading this article I will assume that you are familiar with the hallmark sounds of Dubstep, or at least hold a fascination about producing the genre by engaging suitable Dubstep Software.

DUBturbo is a Dubstep program that can be immediately downloaded and installed on any PC or Mac, full of a huge range of samples and permits the user to sequence Dubstep beats at a rate greater that any other software available.

More reasons to engage DUBTURBO in Dubstep Production:

  • Download From the Official Website
  • Now get the MAC version for all you Apple-heads
  • Super fast sequencing platform
  • Huge range of effects and samples
  • Simple export/bouncing to .WAV
  • No experience required to operate




The last factor, as above, is one of the most prominent when selecting a Dubstep program that is suited to you; are you competent enough to actually produce a track? That is why we recommend this particular program, as it is the best place to start. Even if you do possess years of experience, there are certainly enough additional tools within the program to sink your teeth into.

Check out Dubturbo, knock up a few tracks and keep reading below.

How to grow as a Dubstep Producer

Now you have explored the basics of Dubstep making programs and are officially a producer, I will begin to disclose a few tips on how to grow as a Dubstep producer. There are many areas within Dubstep that you could alter in order to move to that next level within the genre.

Get your gear straight

It is imperative for you to understand that the type of gear you use will grossly affect the overall production value of your music. Thus it is always a good thing to keep on upgrading. Never think that what you have is enough, there are always better toys out there that can help you within your production and even in your live acts. Make a list of everything you have and see what the next evolution is of each piece of equipment. Think of it as a game where you are upgrading your weapons, the better the weapon the bigger the damage.


A lot of Dubstep producers find themselves within a rut in regards to creativity. I can assure you that the only thing that is keeping you from expanding within your own creativity is mainly due to your influences. Many people only stick to what they know and never try to expand their knowledge base within music or life for that matter. Thus it is important that you not only get your influences from Dubstep artists, but try to listen to some jazz, metal and so forth. This will give you a wider pool of information to choose from and within no time you should be producing original tracks that sound like no one else but you.

Tricks and Sounds

There are a lot of little tricks you can do with Dubturbo for example, which definitely outshines many of the other programs out there. Also look at what type of sample packs you want to use, there are so many out there that it can be difficult to choose. The bigger your plugin and effects arsenal the more sounds you have to play with meaning that your mixes will become only that more interesting over time. Try to involve some flamenco guitar or a sitar within your next mix and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The point is to break away from what you know and dive into the great unknown, generally this is where most of your creativity will come from.

Live life

A musician’s job is to express emotion and to capture the essence of life. If you are not living and always stay in the attic, how do you think that you will get inspiration for that awesome new hit single? If you don’t get involved with life then you won’t know what people as a whole are living, and in turn for you to communicate with a demographic you don’t understand, has about a snowball’s chance in hell to truly transcend. The point is to be a dynamic human being using the right Dubstep Programs and in turn, your production career will grow as a result.