A lot of people are really excited to break into this fresh new genre and become an original Dubstep maker, producer or live performing DJ. One of the greatest obstacles is that people are alien to how to create their own Dubstep tracks.

Lately there has been a lot buzz about the Dubstep Creation Software named DUBturbo. It has proven to be the fastest and easiest avenue for making Dubstep music. With thousands of sounds, a new Mac version, easy .wav exporting and a built in keyboard-based drum machine, there are not many reasons not to engage this platform.

1. Download the software now

2. Get it for Mac as well and PC

3. Get thousands of samples

4. Easy export features

5. Built in keyboard Drum machine

Certainly a viable option for new Dubstep producers to get started, and for experienced engineers to get their hands on some amazing Dubstep samples.



How to Take Your Dubstep to the Next Level

Obviously there is no “set” way to create a Dubstep track, but sadly a lot of people fall into pitfalls that hurt their Dubstep production. That is why I have decided to go out and explain the biggest Dubstep “dont’s” out there.

Be original

Nobody likes a copycat and you won’t go far by copying the style of another producer. That is why you should always stick to originality, no matter how limited your creativity might be. It’s better to make a song that is 100% unique than to make 1000 that sound like Skrillex (right). Not only will you not get any following, you’ll soon be cast aside by most Dubstep fans.

Paradigm of continual growth

Some people think that the moment they can do something that there is nothing else to learn. But in reality you should never just be okay with the level you are currently at. In other words it is always a good idea to continue learning new techniques, styles and methods. For instance if you’re only listening to Dubstep, then you might fall subject to monotony, but in turn if you are a Dubstep maker but are learning Jazz progressions, some blues riffs and so forth, you’ll be able to fuse these elements together in your next production. Never stop learning.

Don’t use Poor Software

It’s okay to use free software if you are only playing around, but if you are completely serious about becoming a DJ it is imperative that you invest in some good Dubstep maker software. There are plenty of options available to you and some software actually dedicate their entire platform on Dubstep, which means you should receive sound libraries that are specifically customized to fit the genre. It’s better to spend a bit of money in order to get a professional sound. If you use things like Audition or so forth, you’ll be incredibly limited to what you can do and your overall sound quality will be naught.

Don’t just stay in your garage

If you’re only producing track after track and never work on actually being able to perform them in front of people you simply have a hobby. That’s fine for those of you who are not taking this serious, but if you want to be a DJ with all its glory, you are required to play in front of people. So learn your sets, know how to make it dynamic and then go out and find gigs. You might not get paid for those first gigs, but the experience is what counts.


I can’t stress this enough; if you are a DJ your equipment is nothing other than your assets. You should never think that you have all the gear you need. Continually keep on investing in order to make the sound quality better, the execution better and the totality of the show better as well.

These were only a few things you shouldn’t do, I hope it helps you on your path to becoming the mighty Dubstep creator of original tracks that you can be proud of.